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Fifteen years old and aspiring molecular gastronomist, soon to be sophomore, and soccer player.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unpaid Internship

My goal for this summer is to get into a restaurant. I am lucky enough to already know what I want to do with my life, now I want to start exploring. I am also lucky enough to have good friends that are willing to help.I was in a culinary class during my freshman year, but I didn't gain much from it. I don't want a lame job during high school, I want a job that I will enjoy: a cook. No matter how badly I want this job, I probably wont get it until i have more experience, which does makes sense. What I am looking for now is a mentor, someone to help turn me into a cook. I know that person is out there somewhere, and right now I am trying to find it. I am going to be in Seattle for 25 days starting June 15th. If anyone out there can help me achieve my goal, I would be forever grateful.

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