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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Food Descriptions, My Food

Left Side, 1-13:
1. Nutella Mousse with chocolate graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream, and raspberries.
2. Salt and pepper steak with sauteed mushrooms, oven-roasted potatoes, and a red wine balsamic vinegar reduction.
3. Strawberry jelly noodles (molecular gastronomy) with bread crumbs and basil.
4. Coca-Cola caviar (molecular gastronomy).
5. Grapefruit mousse napoleon with a cara-cara orange sauce.
6. Prosciutto wrapped ricotta cheese with a roasted red bell pepper cilantro sauce.
7. Superbowl desert- blueberry mousse with chocolate ganache and candied lemon peels. 
8. Breakfast crostini of toasted with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon.
9. Toasted pita triangles with hummus and balsamic caramelized onions.
10. Chorizo, green onion, and cilantro pot stickers on a chickpea and bell pepper sautee with a spicy dipping sauce.
11. Brown sugar crepes with a cinnamon whipped cream filling and a maple chocolate sauce.
12. Toasted baguette with hummus and caramelized onions. 
13. Andhra chicken curry for Father's Day 2010.
14. Bagel with apple butter cream cheese and brown sugar caramelized bacon.
Right Side, 15-27:
15. Roasted garlic olive rubbed bagel, toasted, with fresh basil and rosemary cream cheese. 
16. Slightly spicy chocolate custard (molecular gastronomy, made with carrageenan) topped with Mexican crema.
17. Curry spiced chicken fried steak with an herb yogurt sauce and oven-roasted potatoes.
18. Croque monsieur with a sweet and spicy mustard.
19. Grilled spice rubbed steak and potato skewers with a goat cheese herb sauce and a sauteed spinach salad. 
20. Sonoran hotdog with whatever topping we had around.
21. My rendition of a European meal/snack, with fresh breads, cured meats, and vegetables. 
22. White chocolate mousse, made from failed white chocolate truffles.
23. Spicy chocolate ice cream with a frozen tabasco "chip"", paired with picture #10.
24. Cheese "mousse" with spice crusted pork bite, grilled green onion, toasted sesame seeds with pomegranate seeds, and a raspberry yogurt/red wine vinegar reduction.
25. Asian flavored sliders.
26. Pan-fried polenta circle with mozzarella and bruschetta. 
27. My first creation, boxed Italian rice, mozzarella cheese, and bacon put into a ring mold and garnished with basil. 

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