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Sunday, July 3, 2011


So part of coming to Seattle I really looked forward to was going out to eat at the really good restaurants. Unfortunately, these restaurants are expensive so that didn't happen as much as preferred. Although, and exciting place to eat at was Poppy in Capitol Hill. Poppy is very different than other restaurants and eating there was a cool experience. Instead of getting an appetizer, main course and dessert, you choose a starter, one of 
about 6 thalis (7 or 10, vegetarian or not), and either a normal desert or a desert thali. I got the 7 piece salmon thali, and Wine Gidget got the 7 piece vegetarian morel mushroom risotto. Our sides included: asparagus soup, potato and leek gratin, pickled rhubarb, naan bread, spring peas, and more. I tried everything on my plate and it was all delicious. For desert, it was hot date cake with butterscotch and banana ice cream, spicy chocolate ice cream with caramel, lavender cookies, nutter butter bars, chocolate covered salted caramels, and passion fruit jellies. Also, I got the lime basil fizz drink that I somehow made last the whole meal, which was a challenge. Overall a great meal and experience, and I really want to go back.

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