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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last day in Seattle

Sadly, my adventure in Seattle is over. My last day was last thursday, and it was bitter sweet. In the morning I made a jar of salsa for all of the chefs I worked with, as a thank you. Then when the time came, I delivered the salsa to both restaurants and started my shift as Staple and Fancy. The first thing I did that night was cut and juice lemons, and immediately after while wiping my knife on my apron, I cut my self. I had somehow avoided my first cut for 3 weeks, so it didn't surprise me (although the lemon juice that got into my cut did). After that, I proceeded to clean and gut 27 fish. This took a while and smelled bad, and I also stabbed my finger on a dorsal fin, then nicked myself twice with my paring knife. When that was finally done, service was already going and I got assigned to pit cherries, yet another prep job nobody wanted. I wasn't doing that for long until Chef Ethan came over and saw all the stuff I had done, and wondered out loud why I was doing all this on my last day. Shortly after that, Chef Mihasha realized it too and got me plating some appetizers and desserts again. So in the end, it ended up being a fun last night. The worst part was when I walked out the front door, and realized I wouldn't be coming back again. It was sad, but my time in Seattle was amazing and I can't wait to (hopefully) go back next year. 

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